Soulmates Marriage Seminar: 

Our brand new marriage seminar 'Soulmates' has been created to give couples an enjoyable night out that enhances their relationship. We'll create a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of humour and several fun exercises for attendees to enjoy. It's not all fun and games though, as we also present a series of vital relationship topics too, including:

  • How to listen so that your partner feels heard

  • Emotional Validation

  • Celebrating Differences

  • Languages of Apology

  • StrengthsFinder

  • Libido Discrepancy

  • Marriage as a Team

  • Resource recommendations

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How to Book:

Churches or organisations wanting to host a Soulmates seminar for their local communities should contact us to enquire about costs, available dates and further details. 

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"Such a worthwhile evening! It has completely changed our relationship and the way that we treat each other!!"

"We found the seminar very informative and a great thing to build up our relationship. It was so nice to connect with each other and focus on what makes our relationship unique. We got to discuss how to make the most of our mixture of strengths."


"Excellent value for money and a worthwhile investment in our marriage. We learned so much about ourselves and now understood why we've been struggling with the differences in our thoughts and opinions."


"It's nice to learn more about skills that protect a marriage. It left us feeling like we can overcome any future problem in our relationship."


"Simply awesome! The content was bang on! The mix of excellent teaching, real-life stories, activities and videos was a great balance. We would highly recommend this course to any couple."