What is Soul Talk?

Soul Talk is a series of 8 free videos created by Soul Tour to help Church life-groups go deeper with each other and grow in their understanding of several important mental/emotional health topics. 


Each episode of Soul Talk begins with an introduction to the topic by counsellor and author Belinda Stott. Three individuals then share their personal journey with the issue at hand, then it's back to Belinda who provides an abundance of practical tips and insights on how to find healing and support others in need.

This video series was created by the incredible folks at Discipleship Pathway. Check out their amazing resources at www.discipleship.nz

Soul Talk Season 1 Episodes: 

Beating Burnout

This first episode begins with viewers being taught how to use their Soul Talk cards to effectively communicate with each other. Belinda then introduces the topic of burnout, explaining what it is and dispelling some common myths about it. She shares how to get out of burnout along with ways to avoid going into it in the first place


Runtime: 24mins

Fighting Fear

1 in 4 New Zealanders suffer with anxiety. While small amounts of anxiety can provide us with necessary motivation, too much fear for too long can have a devastating impact on our mental/emotional health and physical bodies. In this episode Belinda explains what anxiety is and how to keep it under control.


Runtime: 23mins

Good Grief

Disappointments and losses are a normal part of life, so sooner or later everyone will have to process grief. In this episode Belinda explains what grief is, how to work through it and how to know when you're healing. In addition, Belinda tackles the six most common myths about grief in society today.


Runtime: 27mins

Defeating Depression

Depression has been described as the common cold of Western mental illness. In this episode Belinda explains the six different types of depression and how to heal from each of them. The framework provided for this talk has been developed by Kiwi counsellor David J. Riddell. 


Runtime: 25mins

Soul Talk Season 2 Episodes: 

Trusting Wisely

Intimacy in any relationship is impossible without trust, yet few people understand even the basics of this vital topic. In this episode, Belinda explains how to build and maintain trust. She also outlines how to rebuild trust if it gets broken. 


Runtime: 24mins

Finding Forgiveness

The willingness and ability to forgive is vital to having great relationships and mental health. While most people know this, many people still find themselves stuck in unforgiveness and bitterness. In this episode, Belinda explains the practical steps required to forgive yourself and others. 


Runtime: 21mins

Acquiring Assertiveness

The ability to speak the truth in love is vital for those who want to follow the example of Jesus. Yet, many Christians today struggle to find that all-important balance between ignoring problems in the quest for peace on one hand, and damaging relationships by being overbearing or abrasive on the other. Join Belinda as she explains the practical steps required to level up your assertiveness skills. 


Runtime: 20mins

Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with the difficult people in your life with honesty and dignity is no small feat. Indeed, without this skill such relationships remain shallow, or are abandoned altogether. In this video Belinda shares many practical insights on how to be proactively assertive with even the most challenging people in your life.


Runtime: 23mins

Soul Talk Cards 

Life-groups that choose to run the Soul Talk video series are encouraged to consider purchasing a deck of Soul Talk cards ($35) for use in their group.


This resource has been specifically designed to help small groups share their emotions and needs effectively with each other. Soul Talk cards can be purchased from the Soul Tour shop here.

Soul Talk as a Series 

Why not incorporate Soul Talk into a church-wide series discussing mental/emotional health in a Christian context. A growing number of churches are doing this and reporting incredible results.

Feedback from life-group leaders...

  • Our group have found it amazing - we're doing 2 weeks per video because the content is so good!!

  • We built up an amazing amount of trust/intimacy as people had the opportunity to open up more! We are becoming closer.

  • We are all loving it....particularly the honest sharing which is really encouraging and growing intimacy together as a group. 

  • I'm amazed at how open everyone is in our group doing this series. We are all enjoying it immensely.

  • The episodes have been a perfect length for our group and have provoked incredible conversation afterwards. 

  • We just started tonight and had a really powerful night, resulting in some wonderful prayer and members of the group opening up, making themselves vulnerable and open to support.

  • The Soul Talk cards worked amazingly. We decided to pass our cards to the left so that the person beside us could pray for us.

  • Excellent material delivered in a simple, positive and practical form. Every church should do this!

  • We have so enjoyed the Soul Talk series. The cards give everyone a very practical way to discuss what is going on in their life and their needs.