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  • Save yourselfsome money by ordering the original Soul Talk cards and the te reo expansion cards together. Soul Talk Feelings and Needs cards have been designed to promote healthy vulnerability in your home-group or small-group.

    To use your Soul Talk cards simply follow these three easy steps:

    Step 1. Lay the  cards out on the floor or table.

    Step 2. Ask everyone in the group to select at least 1 Feelings card and 1 Needs card that accurately expresses a situation they are faced with.

    Step 3. Encourage everyone to share openly with the group about their card selection.


    Those who are a part of a church home-group will enjoy using these cards with our Soul Talk video resource. Soul Talk videos discuss four mental health toics (Burnout, Anxiety, Grief and Depression) and are free for all to use here:

    Product review: "I co-lead a home group and we used to do 'Highs and Lows' to open the night. Now we use the Soul Talk cards and it's deepened our relationships a lot. People find it's a simple, effective way to identify and describe how they are feeling. It also means we can pray more honestly for each other."

    Soul Talk Cards Combo

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