Kainnan: The Prize

Kainnan The Prize is the first of a series of novels by Kiwi counsellor, speaker and author Belinda Stott. Belinda's vision for this series is to throughly entertain her readers, whilst simultaneously educating them in a variety of mental/emotional health concepts.

When a group of strangers win a competition they never entered they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Expecting a tropical holiday, instead Noah, Katerina, Alice and Caleb find themselves in the dangerous world of Kainnan; a world with a curious and powerful connection to earth. To return home is far from simple - all they need to do is kill the four rebellious children of Kainnan’s ruler, King Wilhelm. The catch – not only will they encounter constant danger, they will need to face their own personal demons back on earth too.

With mutinous priests, deadly drinks, hidden treasure, supernatural rings, tricks, traps, bombs and assassins, Kainnan will test the group to their limits. Yet earth will prove no safer, for there they must face the consequences of reckless choices, choose between conformity and honesty and forgive the ultimate betrayal if they are to stay alive.

Weaving between both worlds and combining mental health concepts with romance, adventure and danger, the Kainnan series will captivate, challenge and constantly surprise you.
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    470 page soft-cover book.