The Soul Tour Elements is a 6 episode video series made for older teenagers and young adults. Each episode incorporates humour, animated stories, interviews and expert opinion in an effort to generate robust discussion within your small-group.

Elements Video Series

  • Filmed live in Christchurch, New Zealand, Soul Tour Elements explores six distinct topics which highlight the relationship between mental/emotional health and faith. It will build emotional resilience, increase self-awareness and instil a greater appreciation of the importance of holistic well-being amongst your group.

    Topics include:
    Character - The importance of developing character in healthy ways
    Feelings - Understanding the role of emotions in life and faith
    Fears - Identifying our greatest fears; our Unbearable Feelings
    Family - The challenge of healthy individuation
    Identity - Exploring the impact of childhood labels on our self-image
    Faith - The role of faith in mental/emotional health

    Each episode has an approximate run-time of 32 minutes.