What is Soul Tour?

  • Soul Tour is an intensive course for young adults, focused on holistic personal development. It aims to equip participants to better understand their own human mind, emotions and behaviour.


  • The curriculum draws upon Christian-friendly insights from a variety of fields. These include psychology, philosophy, counselling and theology.


  • The full Soul Tour course takes place over 6 days and over 60 topics are covered. Participant numbers are limited to ensure that the course experience is interactive and fun.

  • A 12 topic Team Builder course is also offered to churches, organisations and groups of friends. This version of the course typically takes place over a weekend. Contact us for more information about how to organize a course for your group. 

Who is Soul Tour for?

  • Soul Tour has been created for young adults aged 16-28 years. It is ideal for individuals and couples who are eager to understand themselves and others better, improve their people-helping skills, process past hurts and traumas, develop Christian character and discover who they are and what they want from life!  


  • A moderate level of academic ability is required to engage meaningfully with the material. While individuals who have no Christian faith of their own are welcome at Soul Tour, the course does have an unmistakably Christian foundation and framework and includes robust discussion on the topics of faith, Biblical content, prayer and worship.

  • Youth workers and social workers will find the course content particularly useful in a professional capacity. Soul Tour is also popular for newly married and pre-married couples, who will benefit from developing new skills and a common language with which to discuss potential issues.

Meet our Presenters:


Helping young adults learn about good mental health, get free of both past trauma and present issues and finding life partners are Belinda's passions. She is also addicted to learning, holding qualifications in counselling, adult education and Christian Ministry.


When Belinda is not studying formally she typically reads over a hundred books per year. She juggles Soul Tour with counselling, speaking at women's events and camps, parenting, going to movies and writing novels. Check out Belinda's incredible books here: belindastott.com 

More than 300,000 teenagers and young adults throughout New Zealand and Australia have been encouraged and equipped by Matt's inspirational speaking. Matt left High School early to pursue a career as a clown. Nobody took him seriously however, so he returned to formal study, gaining a theology degree from Laidlaw Bible College.


Matt's weekends are taken up with preaching, speaking at camps and of course, running Soul Tour. Matt is a terrible skateboarder and a below average rock climber. He enjoys international travel and plays golf at least once a year.




   According to over 2500 young people who have completed Soul Tour, the long term benefits include...


  • Rapid growth in the area of their mental/emotional health, including improved psychological resilience.


  • An increase in their self-awareness and self-esteem.


  • Obtaining vital life-skills and tools which help to improve and develop healthy relationships, such as assertiveness and negotiation.


  • Greater confidence and a more clearly defined direction in regards to career-choices.


  • Insight into a wide range of issues including: grief, depression, anxiety, addictions, trust-issues, recovering from trauma and more.


  • ​A deeper, more mature, more trusting and authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • ​Some ex-students have also reported making long-lasting significant friendships with other participants at Soul Tour. Several have even managed to meet their husband or wife at Soul Tour.*​


* Life long partners cannot be guaranteed to all participants.